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While most people these days realize that multimedia is an important part of a robust modern online strategy, it isn’t always apparent how to operate that strategy to maximum effectiveness. Though a multimedia strategy is potentially powerful, a poorly implemented one without a clear goal can fail to achieve anything. Here is a list of some of the most useful things about multimedia, packed with techniques to make your online efforts pop.


SEO Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it may be the most important way to bring traffic to your web page. An SEO-optimized site includes occurrences of the most commonly searched terms related to the content on the page, which moves the site up on Google’s search returns. This ensures that your potential audience is the highest it can be by putting your page on the most important positions on search engines, instead of burying it on the later pages of returns that few people check.

Multimedia in SEO

Well, the problem with including search terms, also known as keywords, on your page is that it can be transparent when done ineptly. If you pack your landing page with just the most commonly searched terms in your industry, visitors will decide quickly that your content is thin. Instead of front-loading a ton of buzzwords in the first paragraph of your front page, try sprinkling them through the descriptions and content of the multimedia you include. This increases your profile naturally, letting customers discover content that is useful to them.

RiseUp Tip: Create content that your audience will consume.

Instead of packing keywords into your webpage, something as simple as an infographic or a short gif can spice up your page and make it more reader friendly. Include meta tags and commonly phrased file naming to help Google know what you have on your site.

Specialized Blogging

Whatever your business is, it probably requires a body of particular and esoteric knowledge to perform its core tasks at optimal efficiency. Customers of your store or service may not only be interested in the product or service, but some of them may be interested in the particulars of how that product or service is created and delivered. Of course, you don’t want to give out all of your secrets for free, but offering some insight behind the curtain can help you attract some more business by creating a feeling of community and cooperation.

Add Value with a Specialized Blog

One of the best ways to do this is with a blog. A blog, or an online journal, allows the writer to publish their thoughts in prose format on the Web. If you attach a blog to your website, you can add value to the page, providing a reason for people to visit other than just salesmanship. But while they are there, they end up being exposed to your sales materials as well, planting the seed of future business. A regularly updated blog leads customers back to your page week after week, and a successful blog can attract interest and prestige within your industry as other people in your field come to respect your prowess.

RiseUp Tip: Campaign to Influencers.

Respect goes both ways. Add value to your blog posts by including other experts. Do an interview or submit to them for review. They may even end up promoting your blog if it means promoting their business.

Adding Variety to Your Page

One of the great things that multimedia content does is change up the media mix on your page. While you may be excellent at text or photos or video content, your viewers don’t necessarily want to see the same kinds of material served up to them every time they visit. And, your type of specialized media may not be to the tastes of all casual visitors to your site. With a broad mix of available media types on the modern Web, page developers have the opportunity to engage with more people than previous designers could ever dream of.

Variety in Multimedia Increases Engagement

Moreover, whatever your industry may be, your customers likely wouldn’t mind seeing a more creative and fun side of you. Multimedia gives you a chance to show off your ideas in new and interesting ways. You can use videos and blogs to express yourself in different ways and showcase your products and services in a different light, letting your customers know about your passion for your industry.

RiseUp Tip: Create.

Learn how to make simple infographics. Recommended tool: Canva. Learn how to create gifs so you can make your value propositions standout visually.


Downloadable Materials

Beyond hosting live materials, your website can offer media designed for a longer term and offline use as well. You can use your page to host downloadable videos, worksheets, manuals, and other relevant materials for those with an interest in your field. You can charge for some of these items as a service, of course, but free material distribution has a place in a solid business strategy as well.

By providing materials to others in your field, you gain a measure of control over the training and practices of everyone who takes advantage of your resources. This, in turn, can shift the industry slightly in the direction of your particular business philosophies and ideas. The key here is to include your ideas without making it read like propaganda, as nothing kills a resource materials campaign like the perception that it is just advertising in disguise.

RiseUp Tip: Design a basic product funnel.

Offer something of value but something simple and easy to supply first. E-books, webinars, presentations, or an online course are popular choices. Then, create the need to take them a step further where you sell them something moderately priced and more valuable. Lastly, offer your big golden goose which is your more profitable product or service. Give your customers a progression. 

Generating Leads

You can use your multimedia content to generate new leads for your business — as long as you do so skillfully. The main way to generate leads with your Web presence is to offer content behind a lead collection technique, like asking people who want access to a paper or video to provide you with an e-mail address. There are limits to the efficacy of this process. For instance, asking for physical addresses or phone numbers is often less successful than gathering e-mails, as people are more guarded with that information. Online information collection is also prone to the provision of fraudulent information like fake e-mail addresses.

The trick here is to not be too committed to requiring info. Offer some content, including a sample, without the lead collection gating, and then put some more detailed content in a “members' area” or other locked off part of the site. This lets you demonstrate the value of the material you are offering before the leads hand over their info. Remember that these kinds of tactics are transactional; the potential leads want to know that what they are going to receive in exchange for adding to the rolls of your mailing list is valuable.

RiseUp Tip: Always be Adding Value

Always be selling is a common mantra in business. However, the real nugget of knowledge is in the VALUE of what you are selling. Walking up to someone in the summer and offering them a coat isn’t of much value. Always offer genuine value to your customers. Build content that enhances the value of your products and services. Create a funnel for catching leads with your offers. People don’t give fake email addresses for something they genuinely desire.

Strong multimedia is one of the most potent techniques of an effective online strategy. Find the ways to make multimedia work for you, and you will never be sorry.

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