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Before you start your next marketing campaign, take some time to think about how behavior analysis could make your job easier. Large amounts of data may seem impenetrable, but you can use several tools to analyze the numbers.

Data Analysis

Over the last decade, data analytics has become an increasingly important aspect of marketing. Google Analytics has made it relatively easy for more marketers to understand large amounts of data. For instance, you can use the app to measure your website’s overall conversion rate. You can see where people go after looking at a specific content. You can even compare the effectiveness of different headlines and calls to action.

Using Analytics

Google Analytics has become so prominent that an estimated 30 to 50 million websites use it. If you don’t learn how to use the app or something similar, then you will see your competitors move ahead of you.


As a marketing professional or content creator, you might feel uncomfortable jumping into the world of data. Use this infographic from CopyPress to learn more about the most important parts of data analysis. This insightful content marketing resource explains the basics of using data analytics to develop audience personas, discover popular trends, and make intra-campaign adjustments that will help you earn more customers.

Future of Big Data and Machine Learning