🎧 Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities Old Mother Nature's recipes That brings the bare necessities of life 🎧

I recently went to see the new Jungle Book with my family. It was a fun adventure I started as a child. I've been humming this tune ever since. Bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. It got me thinking about my upcoming series, The Content Wars. I saw a tweet on Twitter as well and spurred a feeling, refreshed and rejuvenated by the marketing bare necessities, the 4P Marketing Mix. I wanted to share something that I think gets lost at times in the 2016 hustle of SEO, analytics, Growth Hacking etc... The simple breakdown and fundamentals of a discipline like marketing is essential and never loses its effect, no matter what level of 'rockstar' or 'ninja' we achieve. 

For the Product Marketer, I think that the two P's, 1-Product and 2-Promotion are the most robust of the foundations in the 4P Marketing Mix today. However, Place is so dynamic as we interact with it in our digital world. It has changed so much if you aren't in the brick and mortar business, and so many marketers are in newer SAAS models, online or digital spaces. These digital spaces are built in theory to feel like brick and mortar but as their construction is coded, sometimes that feel is lost in translation. Place has almost merged with promotion as your distribution channels are aligned with your target audience in many respects. Built on the fundamentals of marketing in the 4P Marketing Mix and other mainstays of marketing, our modern tools like Twitter have made accessible the "place" to the point where it has almost merged with promotion. For instance, this post was posted on Linkedin to a network of like-minded, similarly experienced professionals. The distribution channel is built-in and can even be tailored to market segmentation in more advanced promotion features. The place is built in to the promotion, but it is still especially important to know why we come to this place, or any place, for promotion. We don't have to go searching for or define the place within our message today. Why is place still important to the product marketer if it is a simple matter of URL and setup? For one, it informs your content. Informed content now helps define your place in a symbiotic, circular pattern (think SEO's newly formed dependency on reading content rather than more heavy dependence on links). Place defines content and content now helps define place. If you know your product and then your target, you know why you came to this place and can then be better equipped to tell a relevant story which will improve the place in your marketing mix. Content requires you know your basics in marketing. It is especially unforgiving in our culture of mass content, scheduled twitter feeds, automated direct messages, and more. Look at automated content and the risks inherent in having your content created by an automated system. It's an evolving landscape but the pillars of marketing still hold up our modern designs. 

It is product and promotion where the modern marketer spends most of their time. And rightly so, price is relegated to c-level, vp, or highly collaborative mixed disciplinary teams in many organizations. Product and promotion is the primary focus in todays business world, and it is content that drives this focus. We're content creators in a content war, but that doesn't mean we should skip the foundations of marketing. Keep humming those bare necessities, those simple bare necessities of marketing...

Join us in our future discussions as we start a short mini-series of articles entitled, The Content Wars.

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