Frequently Asked Questions

Sollevarsi Social Frequently Asked Questions

What is auto-pilot vs. automated?

Sollevarsi Social is an auto-pilot service. As far as our customers are concerned, we are a set it and forget it growth service. However, we are not an automated service based on an algorithm and a program. We do not simply automate your social media growth. This means that we have actual people who do your keyword research, review your bio, follow, unfollow accounts, use and monitor any 3rd party services (i.e. Buffer for posting to your accounts), and decide which content to curate on your account. 

Why don't you just automate our accounts?

Automation is great. We use some services which "automate" certain defined processes, but we are very careful with what we use and have tested it out on our own accounts before putting it into our toolbox. Automation can run amok. Even the best automation services don't do everything and they are full of inherent flaws. Automation services promise the big jump in follows and some pipe-dream of going viral without doing any work. This isn't real for people just starting out. Sure, Gary Vee or Kim Kardashian can start a new channel and get a million followers tomorrow, but they are starting out from the top. This was not always the case. Automation is not the magic pill. Automation doesn't curate content effectively. It is not flexible enough to make on the fly changes to your account such as drop low producing keywords and add new keywords based on research and a proven methodology. Automation doesn't do anything more than simple tasks well. We don't automate your growth. We pilot your growth. For more, check out this post by Hootsuite on Instagram automation

Why should we pay you to do what we already do?

In short, to save time so you can do what makes you special. 😎 Many entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and start-ups have learned how to do social media growth effectively. It isn't rocket science, although it does take a lot of knowledge just to weed through all the "magic pill" solutions sold on Twitter and Instagram. "Buy 1,000 followers!" HAHA! It's laughable. If you can do it, great. The problem we solve is that most small enterprises do not have the time to put in to grow social media effectively. It is A LOT of work up front and even after you really get it down, it still takes up a large chunk of your time. Our product services are designed to take care of the social media growth basics and scale with you efficiently and cost effectively so you can focus on what makes you and your enterprise special and unique. We believe time is one of the most valuable things you have in life and especially in business.

How do I get started?

Select the plan which best fits your needs. Single channel on Twitter on Instagram is a good place to begin. The two channel service we offer covers both and gives much more bang for the buck. Twitter is great all around but works best for businesses focused on conversion. Instagram is diverse as well, but it is best suited to visually represented businesses who want as much branding as they do conversions. 

What's Next?

Once you've selected your plan and started your service, you will receive emails from us which outline the process from this point. We will get some information from you for our keyword research. We will start building your dashboard. You will be contacted to create your account login and password with us so you can log in and view your dashboard. Once we get these setup over a few business days usually, we will review your bio with you - offer advise, make any improvements we agree on. We will start posting on your behalf curated content based on the information we learn from you and the research that we do. We will also start following and unfollowing potential followers in a sort of "social media handshake". Your targeted following will start growing and you will be able to follow along with your Rise Up Social Growth Dashboard. In no time, you will see an engaged community start to thrive and you will be able to start making value propositions and convert new customers from your growing following. Your growth will then be put on auto-pilot and we will take it from there so you can focus on what makes your business great!

What is content curation?

Content curation is a very important part to the small business, entrepreneur marketing mix. Content curation is basically sharing relevant content that others have created to your audience on their behalf. This is common practice and widely accepted throughout social media. This content will include images, blogs, articles, features, sometimes videos, and other small pieces of engaging content. Take a look at our content stream at Sollevarsi's Twitter page to see what we curate for our followers. We're in marketing and business development so we curate a lot of articles from excellent sources we have learned from. We have built some great relationships this way. You can also see one of our clients pages by checking out SUPERflix Movies Instagram page. We curate content for their digital publishing movie and TV entertainment blog, and have grown their following substantially. 

How is content curation legal under copyright law?

In short, content curation is social sharing. An entire system has developed to legally, safely, and properly share content under the legal concept of FAIR USE. As an example, it is completely acceptable to share someone else's article on How to Pick the Best Strawberries on Twitter. It is NOT acceptable to copy and paste the contents of that article on to your own blog and distribute it. On photo sharing social media such as Instagram, it is more important to share images that are not works of others but rather disseminated images or transformative images. Again, the SUPERflix Movies Instagram page is a good place to see what we deemed safe to share. For more on fair use, this is an excellent article on FAIR USE in Social Media and the proper role of Content Curation. Curation vs. Fair Use: How to Keep Your Content Safe. You should definitely know fair use law if you do anything on social media. For the official, detailed copyright information, read here

What if I have a question about something that was shared on our account?

There is a special place on your account page where you can submit any questions or comments about our service. We are happy to communicate with you why we shared any piece of content on your account. This relationship is built on trust and your account manager will be happy to communicate with you. 

Can we still use our accounts?

Absolutely! We encourage the use of your social media though we will provide you some "best practices" we ask you follow for the account to achieve peak performance. For instance, we ask that you don't follow or unfollow accounts in bulk. Each social media platform allows a set number of follows and unfollows. We use those to grow your following and we can't do that if those are previously used. We also don't want to exceed those limits and get into trouble. We do encourage posting to your accounts though. You can submit to your account manager any articles, blogs, posts, or information which you would like us to share. Or, you can go ahead and share those on your own! We do the basics so that we can grow your account, but we don't do everything you need to do to maximize your social media marketing. Our standard services are packaged to be your auto-pilot for growth. If you are looking for custom pricing under a more comprehensive scope of work like we have done with SUPERflix Movies, please contact us here and we can discuss your needs.

What else do we need to do to be successful on social media?

That's a great question because we provide the basic requirements of an account to grow effectively and efficiently. This does not include a host of marketing initiatives that may improve your growth, and maximize the valuable ROI your get from Social Media. For example, we offer CONTENT services because Content is so important to growing your accounts and achieving peak value from Social Media. Crafting your own story is much more effective than only curating the voices of others. Content is very important. We also don't provide targeted content designed to convert your followers into customers. Creating content and driving traffic to your website and your products is essential to getting a good return on your investment in social media. Some of this will happen organically, but not as effectively as if you have a targeted strategy. Influencer marketing is also very important to grow your social media account. Seeking out relationships on Twitter with the goal of sharing others content and having them share your content is a more advanced way to fire up your growth.

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Can you focus our social growth by location or region? 

YES! Some businesses are local, regional, and we totally understand that. We can definitely focus our efforts regionally or even locally for your growth. Both Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allow us to target followers local and regional, although by very different means. This is one of the flexible things we can do for your account(s) that automated services can't effectively offer. However, if you are a local business and your local is small. Your growth may be much slower. For example, if you're a photographer in a small town we can't grow your regional account as quickly as we can for a photographer in New York City or Los Angeles. Even if your local is small we can, however, grow you a substantial following across the world which you can leverage to get more local business. Social Media is not as limiting as it was when it started. Just having a large following can become a source of income.